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You are one decision away from a different life

Hi I’m Kelly! Introducing myself to you as a Life Coach residing just out of Cromwell New Zealand, on a Sheep and Beef farm with my Husband and three children.

I believe being a Life Coach is more than just waking up one day and deciding to be one or completing a course. I believe to be a GREAT Life Coach you also need the life experience. You need to be able to walk the talk, to have been through hard times yourself and come out the other side. So let me be vulnerable and tell you a bit more about my story and how I got to where I am today.

Life Coach, Wellbeing

Like most people, I’ve definitely experienced a lot of setbacks and challenges in my life. Growing up in poverty, becoming a single Mum at seventeen and losing my Dad to suicide when I was nineteen, just to name a few. As you could imagine these all affected my mental health deeply. It was during these early years I knew something had to change. I was determined that this was not going to be how my story went. I had two choices. Either sit back, play victim and let life happen to me, or get in the drivers seat and take the wheel myself. 

This is when I decided to start my journey of healing and self-discovery. I attended therapy, read self development books (originally begrudgingly but now I'm obsessed!), put the work into myself and made myself a priority. It was during this journey where I realized if I was able to help myself, then maybe I could help others too! While I was working as a Beauty Therapist, for the last 10 years until recently, I discovered the thing I loved most about my job is the people I got to meet, the life stories I got to hear, and it felt great to know people left beaming with self-confidence and just feeling better about life after our chats. Although I did love my job, I knew I was destined for more. I knew I could help people in bigger ways. But how?

This is when it dawned on me, LIFE COACH! That’s what I wanted to be! That is how I want to help people! So, I did it. I took the leap and flew to Wellington where I embarked on the most life changing ‘Breakthrough Life Coaching’ course. I knew for sure this was my calling. At thirty years old, I finally found it! This passion for helping people and desire for learning about how they tick has also led me to do more ongoing study where I am currently completing a Diploma in Counselling and Psychology.

So, between my Certificates, Diplomas and a PHD in life! I believe I can help YOU become the best version of yourself and push past your own challenges and setbacks, and give you the space, tools and empowerment to embark on your own journey!


  • Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching – through NZ Life Coaching

  • Diploma in Counselling and Psychology

  • Associate member of ANZCAL (Australia New Zealand Coaching Alliance)

Kelly Graduating
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