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Your life doesn't get better by chance,
it gets better by change.

-Jim Rohn

Unlock your limitless potential now

Want more for yourself? Feeling stuck and not sure how to make the next move? Unsure what's holding you back? Kelly Coaching is here to help you take the next step in your life journey! With a personalized approach, I'll help you find clarity and purpose to move forward in your life to help you create the life you've always dreamed of.


Hello and welcome! I'm Kelly Sutherland, a qualified Life Coach based in Cromwell New Zealand. Here at Kelly Coaching, I work one-on-one, online or in person, providing an open and honest environment that enables clients to discuss their goals and challenges openly, and with utmost confidence. Through a combination of deep conversations, practical activities and accountability, I guide and empower people to create, a vision for their future, take the necessary steps needed to make those dreams a reality and make positive lasting change that ultimately leads to a more fulfilling life.

Kelly Sutherland

how i can help you

Change is inevitable in life, sometimes we don't get a choice, or sometimes we feel we need a change but not sure what, or how. This is where I come in! I work along side you in a thought provoking and creative process asking what seems like a million questions to dig deep, tapping into your own answers that you don't even know are there, waiting for you to be discovered. 

Here are some of the many great benefits working with a life coach can give you.

Magnifying Glass


Identify what's really holding you back and break through those barriers and limitations!



Reclaim who YOU are and rediscover your identity and passions!



Reprogram your internal dialogue and habits to create a healthy positive life for yourself!



Improve your ability to make clear decisions and choose positive paths for yourself!

Compass on map

Map out

Map out those next steps and turn those ambitions into real results!

Enjoying the Nature


Gain tools, techniques, self-confidence and freedom to help you manage your life effectively and make life work for you!

Let your choices reflect your hopes,
not your fears.

-Nelson Mandela

" Kelly was amazing. She really helped me get to the bottom of my perfectionist belief system and helped me dismantle and transform it into a belief that serves me better.

Kate - Wellington

"My coaching sessions with Kelly have opened up my future to new possibilities and potentials. My sessions have been really insightful and inspiring. I am learning to remove self imposed limitations in all areas of my life and to communicate more effectively. I found Kelly to be incredibly professional but really genuine and authentic.

Annabelle - Cromwell

"I have had quite a lot of challenges in my life, especially in the last 12-18mths. I did not always feel in control or happy about my decisions and/or choices when it came to my personal life. I was very much a people pleaser, always putting others happiness before my own. I decided to give this Life Coaching a try and I have been seeing Kelly for the past 11mths. My personal and professional growth in that time has been simply amazing and has been noticed not only by myself, but the people around me at work, home and family.  With Kelly’s reassurance and guidance, I have made some very challenging yet rewarding life-changing decisions. The tools and Homeplay exercises Kelly has given me after each session have given me the resources for continual self-improvement and helped me to better deal with challenging situations.

Paula  - Cromwell

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